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Audio Visual Design and Installation in London, UK and Europe

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Audio Visual Design

The first stage of any audio visual installation is the design and we will work closely with you to identify your goals and the best way to achieve these within your budget. Every business is different, so at Innovative Technical Solutions we provide tailored solutions that are designed around your needs.

Our experience in designing for small and large scale audio visual installations in London, UK and Europe means that we will be able to find the right solution, whatever the scale of your project. We implement the latest technologies so you can be sure that your design will be the newest and most state of the art.





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All of our projects are completed by our specialist engineers who are fully trained, insured and qualified. Our engineers bring a wealth of experience to your project and are capable of working effectively with your architects and sub contractors.

We regularly complete audio visual projects that are valued in the millions, so you can have total confidence that your project will be a success. Engineers will be overseen by a project manager who will ensure that everything proceeds smoothly towards a successful conclusion.

Innovative Technical Solutions can design and install:

Digital Signage

Capture attention with interactive displays that are suitable for a number of applications from broadcast media displays to digital menus.

Meeting Rooms

Make sure that you have the perfect environment for communication with a tailor made meeting room designed for your business.

Video Conferencing

A video conferencing system will save your business time and money, and we can help you create a video conferencing system that will streamline your business.

Video Walls

If you want to make an impact, our specially designed video walls will do just that. Perfect for all environments including retail, hotels and airports.


Audio Visual Installations Throughout the UK, Europe and the Middle East

If you are seeking audio visual installations in London, the UK and Europe contact us at Innovative Technical Solutions.

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A project manager will lead your audio visual design and installation through every stage of the process. We’ll identify risks, communicate with sub-contractors and guide the project forward. We’ll provide stakeholders with regular updates and carefully monitor the quality of all the work.

To ensure maximum return on your investment it is important to undertake regular audio visual maintenance. We’ll be able to pre-empt any issues before they snowball into major problems and keep your audio visual system in the best possible shape.

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Technical Resource

Should you need any specialist help or advice with design, installation or commissioning we have a number of expert audio visual engineers who can fill all kinds of position. We are skilled in a number of areas and have a thorough knowledge of all audio visual equipment.

You may need a quick response with something urgent, or you could require ongoing training and maintenance. Simply tell us what you need assistance with and for long, and we’ll be able to identify someone who will be able to help you.

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Our Audio Visual Installation Services

If you are looking for audio visual design and installation in London, the UK and Europe, please contact us at Innovative Technical Solutions to arrange a consultation.

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